Sunday, December 23, 2012


You have no 1st Amendment rights. You're not a citizen. STFU

Insurance goes up...surprise!

Affordable health care...isn't.
Better coverage...won't happen.

What WILL happen is what conservatives have been saying - we're headed for single-payer insurance. Private insurance prices will force them out of business. All planned.
Socialism is here. When it bites enough clueless leftists hard enough, you'll hear the screaming.
It won't be long.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Tax cuts" 101

This is simply NOT true. Republicans are blocking a tax HIKE. All of us wil see our taxes go up January 1 when the "Bush tax cuts" expire. ALL.OF.US.

Republicans are fighting to leave the tax cuts in place.

This lets the richest 2% continue to be productive and generate the econony.

With confidence that their tax rates won't go up, businesses will hire, expand production, grow the economy.

If tax rates are allowed to go up, there will be continued layoffs, production will be limited, the economy will stall.

What Democrats are doing is vilifying the right. They want to jack up tax rates, then when the shouting begins, go back in and give the "98%" a tax cut. Mission accomplished. Repubs look like the bad guys, and the richest 2% are penalized for being innovators, risk-takers, and job force boosters.

Folks, it's a cleverly designed one-more-story drop into socialism.

Being wealthy has become a crime, suddenly. (Unless you're in the entertainment industry, right? Will those people be heavily taxed?) Let me put it this way, how much money is too much money for YOU to make? If you hit upon a new idea or created a new product or suddenly became wildly talented in the arts and found yourself making beaucoups, how much would be too much? At what point would you say, "Oh no. I only 'deserve' $X." Right. You wouldn't. What if you're already overpaid at your job and are mandated to work for less pay? Go quietly? psssht.

Listen well, middle-class. You will NEVER be one of the elite in a Communistic society. NEVER. You make $100K? You'll work for the government and make a tenth of that, if you're lucky. You won't need much money because you won't have choices as to how to spend it. How hard is it for you to read 1984 to get the picture? There will be NO middle class. There will be an elite ruling class over which you have NO voting power. There will be a class of powerless proles who do the bidding of the elite class. There will be no innovation, no free expression of art. ALL resources will belong to the government, including you.

Overtaxing the wealthiest 2% will not make a dent in the national debt. It is frightening when they hypothesize "even if the wealthy were taxed 100%..." (see above). And even then, the dent gets only imperceptibly bigger.

Economists are blue in the face explaining that the economy grows when you have tax AND spending CUTS. It's common sense. Economics is like math. Based on absolutes. The twisting of facts is one step to enslave the people. Demonize capitalism, make the populace dependent on the government for all they can - health care, transportation, media, birth control, manufacturing, agriculture, the arts. Then when the people are totally dependent, choice disappears.

I could have just said READ 1984, but I've been shouting that into the wind it seems.

I am one of the poorest people you know. I have no talent, no imagination, nothing innate to rocket me to the top of the earnings ladder. However, I firmly support those who have been able. They are the hirers, the movers and shakers, the innovators, the inspiration for others to do the same. God bless the rich.

It's about to disappear.